Micro-needling 101

Have you been wondering about the microneedling treatment?

Microneedling skin transformation treatment has been designed for those that are serious about making changes to their skin. I use very fine, surgical stainless steel needles inside of the Mesopen MD to make channels into the epidermis and dermis to release growth factors and promote healing, this allows for the skin to start the process of creating new collagen.

Microneedling effects on the skin:

  • Skin tightening
  • Natural collagen induction
  • Lifting and rejuvenation
  • Improves stretch marks
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hair regeneration
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Acne scars, surgical scars and wound healing
  • Minimizes pore size
  • Improves skin texture

How Does Micro-needling Work?

The Mesopen offers unparalleled collagen induction by harnessing the body’s innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin as a response to micro-damage. This small, hand-held device delivers up to 1,300 micro punctures per second into the skin, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and normalizing various skin functions.

It uses controlled precision promotes the three phases of CIT mechanics, thus allowing for new collagen growth to occur.

The first phase begins with the release of the body’s own growth factors, followed by a cascade of new epidermal growth, fibroblast chemo-taxis, fibroblast proliferation, and matrix production.

This proliferation of the body’s tissue continues to release growth factors from fibroblasts, keratinocytes and monocytes, culminating in the second phase of CIT mechanics, where production of collagen I, III, and IV, elastin, proteoglycans and glycosoaminoglycans, and the process of angiogenesis occur.

The last phase of CIT and the desired result of a microneedling treatment is the tissue remodeling process, where the skin’s vascular matrix matures, causing skin to tighten. The body’s ability to remodel and heal itself is at the heart of this amazing product.

Moreover, because the process never involves heat or thermal energy, does not use harsh chemicals or cause unnecessary trauma, the skin heals quickly, requiring virtually no downtime.

Because the process activated via microneedling essentially generates new healthy skin cells to replace aged or damaged ones, applications are very diverse. The device has been used to treat visible signs of aging, such as skin atrophy and wrinkles, as well as various types of scarring, stretch marks, several types of pigmentation disorders, sun damaged skin, hair loss, and much, much more.

Microneedling Benefits:

  • Less epidermal damage than chemical peels, laser resurfacing or plastic surgery
  • Effective on all body areas
  • Treats all skin types and colour
  • Can be easily combined with other skin transformation therapies for enhanced results
  • Minimal recovery time compared with other treatments
  • More cost-effective the Fraxel skin rejuvenation laser treatments

Microneedling services I provide:

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Packages of 3 or more are 25% off of the whole package.


Treatment Schedule:

Packages of 3 or more are 25% off of the whole package. 

Rejuvenation – 4-6 treatments / 4 weeks apart

Acne Scarring – 6 treatments / 2 to 4 weeks apart

Stretch Marks – approx. 10 treatments / 4 to 6 weeks apart

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Contraindications and precautions include:

*Caution should be taken if you have an autoimmune disorder.

**It is best to discontinue use of supplements that may thin the blood for 10 days prior to treatment including, but not limited to, high dose fish oil and ginkgo biloba to minimize bleeding and bruising.

Keloid or raised scarring

Scars more than 6 months old (may take more sessions)

History of eczema, psoriasis and other chronic conditions
History of actinic (solar) keratosis
History of Herpes Simplex infections
History of diabetes
Presence of raised moles, warts or any raised lesions on targeted area.

Absolute contraindications include:

Scleroderma and collagen vascular diseases
Rosacea and blood clotting problems
Active bacterial or fungal infections
Facial fillers in the past 6 months

Pregnancy. Microneedling is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women due to a number of minor reasons. The needles produce micro-injuries which trigger the natural wound healing response. This wound healing and production of new collagen requires vitamins and nutrients which would otherwise be needed for the baby so is suggested to not be used during pregnancy.

Pre-Treatment instructions:

  • Sun exposure and/or usage of a tanning bed, including self-tanning products must be avoided for 7 days before and after the treatment. Treatment within 24 hours of prolonged sun exposure (natural sunlight, artificial tanning booth, or sunless tanning products) may result in hypopigmentation (white spots) or hyperpigmentation (dark spots) that may not clear for several months or may even be permanent. A Microneedling treatment will not be administered on sunburned skin.
  • Area to be treated must be clean, and free of any lotion, makeup, and sunscreen. If you have any of these on, they must be completely washed off prior to treatment.
  • Accutane and any other photosensitizing medication should be discontinued for a period of at least 6 months prior to receiving treatment and should not be used during your course of treatment.
  • No area to be treated should receive any type of Chemical Peel for 2 weeks prior and after treatment.
  • Retin-A, Renova, and Tazorac must not be used for 1 week prior or after treatment.
  • Waxing and/or use of chemical depilatories must be avoided for 2 weeks prior and after the treatment. Shaving is allowed immediately before treatment and 48-72 hours after treatment as long as there is no skin irritation.
  • You may not be pregnant for this treatment.
  • Notify the provider of any tattoos, including cosmetic tattooing, in the vicinity of the area to be treated as tattoos must be avoided.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, we may recommend prophylactic antiviral therapy in the form of Valtrex® or Aycylovir. If so, follow the directions for your prescription.

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